Во рамките на Фестивалот беше организиран гастрономски настан на кој странските гости со помош на домашни професионални готвачи успеаа да подготват македонски специјалитети ...

  • Конференција за квалитет и безбедност на храна, здравје и исхрана NUTRICON 2014


    Еминентни научници од Тајван, Пакистан, Русија, Турција и др. земји ги презентираа најновите трендови  ...


  • 7-ми Централно Европски Конгрес за храна - CEEFOOD 2014


    Присуствуваа повеќе од 300 учесници од 38 земји од Европа, Азија и Африка...


  • СВЕТСКИ КОНГРЕС НА EHEDG - 2014 - Парма, Италија


    Македонската регионална секција на EHEDG  и оваа година меѓу најуспешните...


  • ПРОЕКТ: Со здрава храна до здрава младина - финансиран од Град Скопје - 2013


    Средношколците од гимназијата Орце Николов во борба против дебелината....



    Претседателот на EHEDG, г-динот Кнут Лоренцен ја отвори Конференцијата  ...

  • Пленарна сендница на EHEDG во Прага - 2013

     Од 09 до 11 октомври, 2013 година во Прага се одржа Пленарната седница на Претседателите на регионалните секции на EHEDG...


  • EHEDG Светски конгрес за хигиенско инженерство и дизајн Шпанија - 07-08.11.2012


    Валенсија беше домаќин на Светскиот конгрес за хигиенско инженерство и дизајн 2012 година ...

  • Конференција за хигиенско инженерство и дизајн - Македонија, 08-09.10.2012


    Соработка со проектот на USAID AgBiz и Општина Карпош...




    Најголемиот настан од областа на хигиенско инженерство и квалитет и безбедност на храна, кој се одржа во Охрид од 22 - 24 септември, 2011  година, успеа да собере вкупно 228 експерти од 31 земја во светот...
  • Формирање на Македонската регионална секција на EHEDG


    На 29 април, 2010 година Консалтинг и тренинг центар КЛУЧ стана седиште на Македонската регионална секција на EHEDG ...

  • Спонзори и изложувачи


    Нашите настани претставуваат спој на науката и бизнисот...

  • Брокерски настани


    Секогаш има можност за проширување на деловната мрежа на пријатели...

  • Постер презентации


    Авторите на апстракти можат своето истражување да го презентираат во форма на постер презентација...

  • Медиумска покриеност


    Нашите настани се секогаш пропратени од страна на национални и локалните медиуми...

  • Наша убава МАКЕДОНИЈА


    После напорниот работен дел започнува уживање во убавините и гостопримството на нашата земја ...


Светскиот конгрес на EHEDG 2014

29 - 31 октомври, 2014


Конференција за квалитет и безбедност на храна, здравје и исхрана NUTRICON 2014

27 и 28 неомври, 2014



27 - 29 May, 2015


Рекоа за нас

“May I add my sincere thanks to you both for the amazing amount of effort you put into making the Congress such a success. Attracting over 200 delegates and organising two full days of forty-two presentations was an outstanding achievement. And, on top of all that, you arranged a wonderful Social Programme for us all”
Eric Partington
Consultant, Nickel Institute,
United Kingdom

“Thank you very much for the very great experience of enjoying your country and hospitality. From start to finish, it truly was a first rate education session and a chance to develop new relationships that will serve our common goal of hygienic design and food safety. … thank you again to you for the wonderful program and experience”.
Tim Rugh
Executive Director, 3-A, USA

“This is just to let you know one more time that the events in Ohrid were a great success and it will be extremely difficult to match this. Thank you for all your efforts. It is not just me, but many participants have been telling me how much they enjoyed the congress and how they appreciate all these documents you produced (journal, book of abstracts, etc.).
Huub Lelieveld
President, GHI, The

“Thank you again for the great job you both have done. We have had a fantastic event to my opinion”.
Piet Steenaard
Treasurer, EHEDG International, The

“More than a week after the EHEDG congress I hope you can look back on a good time in Ohrid. Herewith our thanks to Vladimir Kakurinov and Snezana Kakurinova for the excellent organisation of the congress on a beautiful location!”
Karel Mager
Quality Management Specialist, Givaudan, The

“… this is to confirm again that you did excellent work in all aspects by organizing the congress. …  You can be sure that you have fulfilled all our expectations in the best possible way”. 

“Once again, I like to thank you and
Vladimir for your excellent work and outstanding contribution to EHEDG in 2011. Your efforts made the Congress in Macedonia a great success of which the both of you and your team can be proud”.
Susanne Flenner
Secretary, EHEDG International,

 “… and I also would like to express my sincere gratitude for your effort to organize the Congress. You must have been exhausted after everything ended successfully. It was a wonderful experience visiting your country”.
Takashi Hayashi
Owner, Kanto Kongoki Industrial CO.LTD,

“We had a very good time in Ohrid. You succeeded in getting not only a very interesting congress from the professional point of view but also a very friendly atmosphere, that is at least as important as the first thing”.
Rafael Soro
Project Manager, AINIA-Centro Technologico,

“We, Sergiy and myself, take this opportunity to thank you one more time for the excellent organization of the conference, for your charming hospitality, for the warmth and enchanting featuring of your country”.
Yaroslav Zasiadko
Professor Dr
, National University of Food Technologies, Ukraine

“Thanks for the perfect congress. It was a pleasure to be in
Macedonia and part of the congress.
Gunter Zimmerman
Engineer, Nestle PTC
Konolfingrn, Switzerland

“Thanks for a fantastic congress, perfectly administrated”.
Stefan Åkesson,
Food Safety & Equipment Safety Manager, Tetra Pak Processing Systems,

“We had such a good time in Ohrid”.
“We will keep excellent memories of
Ohrid, Macedonia, and the EHEDG Congress!”
Brigitte Carpentier
Scientist, French Agency for food, environment & Occupational
Health & Safety, France

“It was a very nice and well organized meeting allowing us to get connect to nice and interesting people. I enjoyed the event and of course
Macedonia very much, especially as I have never been to your country before”.
Dirk Nikoleiski,
Product Protection & Hygienic Design, Kraft Foods,

„I safely arrived at home after 14 hours of travel. But it was worth it. Thanks a lot to you and Snezana. You did a great job in organizing the EHEDG congress. I will remember as long as I live. Ohrid is really a pearl“.
Ferdinand Schwabe
Manager, Food & Beverage, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Germany

“Dear both, Vladimir and Snezana, I'd like once again to express my sincere thanks for everything what was done by you and yours supporters to make that World Congress so fruitful and successful event not only from organising point of view, but also through the wonderful surroundings together with your hospitality as never to be forgotten pleasure for being there”.
Tadeusz Matuszek
Professor Dr
, Gdansk University, Poland

“I want to congratulate you for the great organization and good content of World Congress held in
Macedonia last week.
Jean-Christophe Brossard
SKF Global Manager, Food and Beverage Segment, France

“I really enjoyed spending time with you and Snezana during the Congress and thank you so much for all your efforts. I see that New Food has printed a press release about the success of the Congress so I hope this makes you very proud. Thanks for all the photos and I will treasure the memories!!!!”
Andrew Timperley
Timperley Consulting, United Kingdom

”Thank you for a very well organized congress”.
Mette Stenby,
PhD student, DTU
Fødevareinstituttet , Denmark

“I want to use this opportunity and once again to thank you and Snezhana for your hospitality and for those unforgettable days we spent in Ohrid”.
Mark Shamitsian
Professor Dr
, St. Petersburg University, Russia

 “Just wanted to thank you again for your help and hospitality and let you know that I really enjoyed the congress”.
Glenn Flueckiger
Professor Dr, HES-SO Valais University, Switzerland

And again, congratulations for what you and your family realized.
Johan Roels
Sales Manager,
J-TEC, Belgium

“It was indeed a great time”.
Hein Timmerman
Sector Specialist & Business Development Director PF , Diversey, Inc.,

Dear Macedonian great team!
“Just to thank all Your support and most of all Your friendship; I really enjoyed the EHEDG meeting and I just want to recognize Your wonderful work”.
Marco Antonio Leon Felix
Sommeica, Mexico

“With this event you have proved your professionalism as world class congress organizers. Once again, congratulations”.
Marta Naumovska-Grnarova,
General manager, ZAVAR,

“I would like to thank on your hospitality, great Congress organization, excellent food and fun”.
Vlasta Piližota
Professor Dr
, J. J. Strosmaer University, Croatia

 “With this I want to express my gratitude for inviting me to participate at the Congress and especially I would like to congratulate you on perfect organization, because you provided us with everything-even wonderful weather”.
Slavko Mirecki
Professor Dr
, University of Podgorica, Montenegro

“I would like to congratulate you on successful Congress and excellent organization”.
Frosina Meskova,
General Executive Director,
Swisslion, Macedonia

“My colleagues and business partners gave me a fantastic feedback from the meeting. I am sorry not to have participated”.
Henning Wolter
Senior Project & Supply Chain Manager, GEA Process Engineering, The